"We transform unwanted fishing nets into luxury eco-tiles that can be enjoyed for generations."

- Emily Packer, Founder and CEO of Coldharbour Tiles

Environmental Impact

Coldharbour's first tile collection will be made entirely of recycled fishing nets, one of the largest contributors to ocean pollution. Every square meter of Coldharbour Tiles repurposes 4.5 kilos of fishing gear!

Take Action

Made from Good Decisions

We are each responsible for creating positive change. By choosing Coldharbour Tiles for your next commercial or residential design project, you can join the fight against plastic pollution, and the fight for our planet - all while making your surroundings even more beautiful.



Learn about some of the world's most innovative products made from recycled waste materials. Hosted by Emily Packer, the Founder of Coldharbour Tiles. It's time to eliminate the concept of waste.

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