Plastic Free Swap #2: Body Scrubs

I see a lot of fancy coffee/sugar body scrubs out there in plastic containers, and I just think NOOOOO!!! Don't waste your money for this! It is SO easy to make your own non-plastic version. I literally brag about this to everyone I know at dinner parties because this all-natural, home-made body scrub recipe is so effective and waste-free, and makes you feel like you've just come from a spa! Mmmmm.

You ready? Here are two versions I've done in the past. Let's call them the Messy Version (Coffee Sugar Scrub) and Non-Messy Version (Brown Sugar Scrub):

Coffee Sugar Scrub

For all those coffee drinkers out there, this one is for you in particular. Simply mix a cup of used coffee grounds (that have been dried) with a cup of organic brown sugar, and add in two cups of organic coconut oil, or enough until everything has been properly incorporated. Pour the mixture into a mason jar and there you have it. Keep it in your shower, as I do, and scrub your body down before shampooing (with your shampoo bar!) and wash off to discover silky smooth coconut-smelling skin! Cheap. Plastic Free. Delicious.

Brown Sugar Scrub

After trying the above recipe a few times, you may think your soft skin just isn't worth the extra clean up effort afterwards....being coffee grounds, you do need to give your bath or shower an extra wipe down when you're finished..... 

But don't let that be an excuse to go back to your old plastic packaged body scrub! Simply mix equal parts organic brown sugar with coconut oil (tip: it's easier if the coconut oil is room temperature so that you can incorporate everything together). Put it in the fridge to have everything congeal, and then move it into your bathroom for a lovely home-made body exfoliation experience.