Plastic Free Swap #1: Shampoo Bottles


One of the top 3 types of plastic waste that we see the most at Coldharbour when up-cycling is shampoo bottles! Seeing all those bottles come into our warehouse, really made me pause and consider how many shampoo bottles I've used myself over the years. Now, we multiply that by the over 7.5 billion people on the planet and we have an alarming amount of plastic in the simple act of hair washing.

I knew I needed to swap my shampoo bottles for a plastic-free alternative - and so should you! Now for all those who are reluctant, let me paint you a picture of me, the person who is convincing you to switch. One of my all-time favourite activities in the world is taking a hotter-than-normal shower and reading the adjective-rich description on the back of a shampoo bottle. They use words like silky and luscious that you never hear enough during a normal day. However, shampoo bottles are used for 2....3 months before they're tossed and end up breaking down into micro plastics in either the ocean or soil. Not so good.

This is a "Plastic Swap" that is surprisingly easy to make. I am currently using Lush's Shampoo Bars, which smell ABSOLUTELY amazing!! There is no sacrifice in the scent or effectiveness department what so ever. I encourage you to give them a try. The only thing I'm missing is a cool shampoo bar case! Open to ideas! Please comment below!

Here is a round-up on shampoo bars from the best of the internet! Happy shampooing!

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